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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a common surgical treatment designed to expose more of the natural tooth.  It may be performed on a single tooth, multiple teeth or even the entire arch.  Consider this treatment to enhance the health, restorability and beauty of your smile.  

Benefits of crown lengthening

The benefits of this versatile procedue include the following:

  • Restoration of damaged teeth – Trauma, resorption and decay can severely weaken your teeth.  Crown lengthening procedures provide your dentist with the access he/she needs to restore your tooth's function and beauty.  

  • Improved esthetics – Excess tissue, short teeth and uneven gum margins detract from an otherwise beautiful smile.  Your periodontist uses crown lengthening to "sculpt" your gums, creating the gorgeous appearance you never thought possible.

  • Better dental crowns – Without sufficient access, it is difficult for your dentist to make a crown that will fit your tooth properly.  Crown lengthening creates more space between the supporting jawbone and your dental crown, ensuring the best possible seal  and minimizing the risk of inflammation and recurrent decay. 

What does crown lengthening involve?

Like all surgical procedures, crown lengthening is performed using local anesthesia.  The amount of time required depends largely upon how many teeth are involved and how much tissue sculpting is required.  Recontouring of the jawbone, using many of the same hand- and rotary instruments your general dentist has, prevents post operative gum overgrowth and infection.  Stitches close the wound and a waterproof bandage protects the area during the initial stages of healing.  Approximately six weeks after the procedure, patients return to their general dentist, ready to begin restorative treatment.      

If you have any questions about crown lengthening, please ask your periodontist or dentist.


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